October Favourites

This month I have been abso digging so many products but my all time favorite item this month has to be my Violet Voss Holy Grail palette. I really am stuck for words on how amazing  this palette is, ever since I first seen this palette I just had to get it and every time it’s been restocked I’ve missed out but shout out to Beauty Bay who restocked this palette a couple of weeks ago and I was lucky enough to order it before it sold out. The main reason I have been loving this palette is because of how pigmented all of the shadows are, especially the shimmery shadows as I do sometimes find that shimmery shadows tend to not pick up as much pigment when applying them but these look exactly as they do in the pan. Honestly since getting this palette I haven’t reached for any other as you are able to create so many different looks with there being such a range of shades.

I’ve been switching up my regular make up routine and trying to use more of my products and other make up items that  i have but don’t use everyday and I am super happy that I did as I have fallen in love with some of my brushes that I’ve had for a while but not really used all that much. First of all I have been obsessed with my Real Techniques duo-fiber face brush for my bronzer which I got in this set here ,it applies my bronzer so flawlessly and effortlessly, before I started using this brush for my bronzer I’d only used it like twice when trying it out with my foundation, primer and liquid highlighter but I didn’t really like the way that it would blend them out but this was a completely different story for my bronzer.

And another duo-fiber brush… and yes it’s another Real Technique’s one this time it’s the Stippling Brush which I have been loving to blend in my Benefit High Beam highlighter. Again this brush just blend it’s in so effortlessly and easily which is a bonus if your’re like me and 5 extra mins in bed ends up being half and hour and everything because a rush. It even works amazingly on powder highlight and really makes it poppin.

Finally I have been none stop using the Jack Wills Cosmetic Brush Set which I got from boots. Every single one of these brushes has worked it’s way into my everyday makeup routine, I’ve been using them for my foundation, concealer and brow bone highlight and oh my days my concealer and foundation have never looked so flawless and my brow bone highlight has never been so popping. The quality of these brushes are INSANE and they are so soft on your skin.

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