October Birchbox

So I have recently just signed up for a 6 month subscription to Birchbox which I am so excited to be trying new products through them. If you don’t know what Birchbox is it’s a company that if you sign up for and pay £10 a month you receive a box with 5 different products in for you to try and every month you receive a full sized make up item, you can tailor your box by entering in your age, skin type, what products your most interested in trying etc. The total value of your box is always waaaay over £10 making it worth your money and it’s an easy way to try new stuff without breaking your bank balance.

Another great thing about Birchbox is, is that if you review your products in your monthly box you receive £5 worth of points to buy a product from their store and they have some pretty amazing stuff such as spectrum brushes, benefit make up and loads more so for simply reviewing your monthly products you can get £5 off a product you want or save them up to buy whatever you want, if you’re interested in signing up for Birchbox make sure to go through this link and you will receive £5 to spend!!!

Anyways onto what I got in my October box, so this month you could get a Fire, Water, Earth or Air box depending on what your star sign is, because of my star sign I am fire but I have actually received the earth box now I did sign up late this month so I’m not too sure whether they had just ran out of fire boxes but it’s no big deal as I still got some amazing stuff to try out. I shall be telling you what the products are (What & How are the descriptions from the brichbox leaflet) and I will also be telling you my thoughts on them.



The first item I got is the LOC X Millie lip pencil in the shade Bohemian Rose, which is full sized and the RRP is £9. What: Look to the stars for beauty inspiration… Designed and named by Millie Mackintosh, this high-shine lip pencil will bestow the  perfect pop of pink to your pout. How: Use the tip to line your lips and the fill them in. I have been loving this although I only received my box on Friday I knew I would love this. Pink lipsticks are totally my favourite and I’m super happy to have received this in my box as when I was looking at the list of products you could get this was one of the ones I was really wanting. I would defiantly consider buying this again and maybe even a few other shades, it’s a nice alternative to wearing a lipstick as it still has a lot of pigmentation but is more hydrating than what some lipsticks can be when worn all day.


Next in my box is the Rituals Hammam Body Mud which the full size of this product which is 200ml RRP at £14, (I only received the sample size of 70ml) What: Look at the past to shape your future… Inspired by the traditional steam rituals of the East, this purifying scrub is packed with mineral-rich Rhassoul clay and refreshing eucalyptus to smooth the skin. How: Once or twice weekly, massage onto dry skin then rinse away. I totally love this mask it feels so refreshing on the skin and you can really feel cleansing and cleaning your skin, I have only tried this on my face and omg my skin felt amazing when I rinsed it off, so refreshed and smooth. I am definitely going to be looking into purchasing the full size of this product.


The third item in my box is the Doux Me Pure Spring Mist which the full size RRP at £16 for 100ml, I received the sample size of this which is 50ml. What: A busy October might leave you feeling frazzled but this mineral-rich spring water will help you to refresh – while soothing and hydrating your complexion too! How: Spray liberally on your face before moisturising or whenever you need a moment of calm. This product reminds me a lot of my Smashbox primer water. I used this mid-day after having my make up on for a few hours just to refresh and it felt amazing, the spray it’s self wasn’t too powerful so didn’t soak my face which is always a bonus, because of how hydrating and refreshing this product is I can imagine this to be nice to use when in a hot country to cool yourself down. I would deffo consider buying this as I do love my Smashbox primer water and this is pretty much the same thing although my setting sprays and Mac Fix+ do the same job really.


I also received the Trilogy vital moisturising cream which the full size of 60ml RRP at £24.50 and I received the sample size of 20ml. What: This month we can see an upgrade to your daily hydration routine in the form of this antioxidant-packed lotion that smooths the appearance of fine lines. How: Massage into clean skin, morning and night. I have only tried this on the driest parts of my face so far and it feels great, instantly my skin felt smooth and soft. The only issue I have with this is that it’s quite scented although I do have quite sensitive skin it hasn’t irritated it I just prefer moisturizer that are unscented but I can totally see past that as I love how this feels and for that I would defiantly consider buying it although it is a little more on the pricey side to what i would normally pay for a moisturizer.

IMG_3363 (2).JPG

My favourite out of everything I received has to be this Number 4 Fluoro5 elixer restore & repair oil which the full size of 60ml RRP at £18 I received the sample size of 14.8ml. What: Past you might have been sceptical about hair oils but your future self will be all about this nourishing elixir that transforms dull hair into shiny, sleek strands. How: Smooth 1 – 2 pumps through damp hair before styling, or apply a little to dry hair to add shine. My hair is super dry all of the time no matter how much/ how little I wash it and I’ve even stopped straightening my hair to try and help it and this oil is my life saver I’ve used it twice now, once to try it out when my hair was feeling pretty dry and once after washing it when my hair was still damp, my hair has never felt so amazing and healthy in such a long time especially for using so little product. This will 10000% be bought time and time again.


Finally I got the This Works deep sleep pillow spray which the full size of 75ml RRp at £16 and I received the sample size of 5ml. What: We all know a great night’s sleep means radiant skin so, thankfully, your beauty sleep will be taken care of this month with this potent lavender blend acting as a natural sleep enhancer. How: Spray a fine mist over your pillow before bed.  This spray smells so amazing and as I’m flying in a couple days I will defiantly be taking this on my flight with me so hopefully I will get some sleep. I don’t think this is something I would purchase myself but was defiently worth trying it out.


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