Today i will be sharing with you some of my most helpful beauty hack,  I hope that these hacks help and I would love to read some of yours, make sure to let me know of any hacks you have in the comments!!

Hack 1 – Your under eye concealer should be 1 to 2 shades lighter than your natural skin tone. If you concealer is ashy it’s too light for you skin tone, if your concealer is yellow its to dark for you skin tone.

Hack 2 – Apply your concealer to your inner corner as this will open up your eyes and give your eyes a bright fresh look.

Hack 3 – When searching for your perfect foundation shade swatch a few different shades along the side of your face and your forehead then when in natural light turn you head and the shade that disappears is your natural skin tone.

Hack 4 – if you have dry skin or if your skin is feeling dry don’t powder your whole face only powder your nose & forehead.

Hack 5 – If you’re not blessed with lips like Kylie Jenner stay clear of darker shade lipsticks as they are more minimizing, stick to lighter lip shades.

Hack 6 – To make your lipstick or lip gloss fill in your whole lips with lip liner.

Hack 7 – To make your brows look more natural fill in sparse areas with a pencil then layer brow powder over.

Hack 8 – If you’ve gone too hard on your insta brow and its came out too harsh press loose powder on the top to soften them.

Hack 9 – Putting your face powder on you eyelid will create a smooth surface for eyeshadow and will make your eyeshadow last longer.

Hack 10 – When apply mascara roll the wand as you go from base to end of eyelashes to avoid clumping and separate the lashes.

Hack 11 – Collect deluxe products as they’re great for trying out and for travelling.

Exciting news I’ve didn’t miss out on the Kylie Lip Kits!!! WOOOOP I did miss out on King K & Poise K but I did manage to get Candy K & Koko K WOOO

Thanks for Reading

Abi x


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