How i got Coloupop to the UK

I’m sure after reading my I got Colourpop to the UK!! blog post some of you may be wondering how I got it shipped here as Colourpop themselves don’t deliver to the UK.

When I was talking about the cost of my order I mentioned an external shipping company which I used to ship from America to the UK. The reason you need to use an external shipping is so that you get an American address for Colourpop to ship to as mentioned they wont ship directly to the UK.

The company I used were Shipito this way I had an American address for my order to go to, to then be shipped onto me. I can’t recommend using this company as the middle man to get an American address enough, it was so easy and simple to create an account. When you create an account it is completely free (this is the one I used) you do have an option to upgrade your account which if you do upgrade you get a tax free warehouse which can save you up to 10% on the purchase of your merchandise and some other benefits, such as combining multiple packages into one this way when they are shipped to you, you only receive one package with everything in. Upgrading your account does of course cost. I didn’t personally upgrade my account as this was my first time using the company and I did only order one package, I would defiantly consider upgrading my account if I was ordering more than one parcel at once as it would save me some money which is what you always want.

Using this company was super easy and hassle free, I received emails and notifications on the website when my parcel had been received by them and I also received frequent emails from them on what to do next, they also sent me photos of my parcel and the contents (as I requested) so that I could check my items were correct. They also sent me an email when I had to choose which shipping company to use to ship from America to UK and advised me on which one would be best for me based on the contents of my parcel.

I had complete faith that my parcel was safe there. Once my parcel was ready to be shipped and once it had been shipped I received notifications and emails again from them letting me know what was happening.

The only thing was that shipping was quite expensive in my opinion as I had to pay $50.59 (£35.12) shipping.

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