I got Colourpop to the UK!!

YAAAAAAAASSSSSS you read that right I got Colourpop delivered right to me here in the UK, for those of you who don’t know Colourpop they are the most hyped over brand by youtubers/ beauty bloggers especially in America but they don’t ship over here to the UK.
I have been loving the Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade Midi paired with the Skimpy liner this my current fave lip combo, these are actually dupes for the Kylie Lip Kit Koko K. I wore it all day Friday and it lasted all day like allllll daaaaaaay, I applied it at 7:30am and it was still perf when I finished and got home at 6:30pm after many cups of coffee without reapplying or touching up during the day it also didn’t try my lips out which I love!!!!

I also got these ultra matte liquid lipsticks in the shade Beeper which I pair with the lip liner BFF Pencil 2, this combo I absolutely love a swell the formula of these liquid lipsticks and liners are the best eve ever tried, I need to get these in more shades. I believe this liquid lipstick is the dupe for Kylie lip Kit Dolce K.


The third liquid lipstick I got is in the shade Clueless which I pair with the lip liner Contempo. This pair is a dupe for the Kylie Lip Kit Candy K. The reason I got all 3 of these combos is because they are dupes for the Kylie Lip Kit’s which I have been wanting to try out and keep missing out. The quality of these are amazing and once they’re on your lips they’re there for good. No smudging, no smearing, no nothing.

IMG_1570 [639135].JPG

Of course I had to pick up the Kathleenlights Where The Light Is eyeshadow quad, these shadows are craaaaaaaazy they feel like a mouse but apply as powder they are so difficult to explain. The pigmentation of these shadows are insane and they blend out so well also another bonus if these no fall out as they aren’t a powder. You can get these shadows in so many different shades and I am wanting more!!!

I totally love the design of the packaging for this quad and that gold shade is the best gold shadow I have ever used…. I may even go as far as to say it’s better than half baked by urban decay.
I also picked up the shade Porter from Kathleenlights Where The Night Is collection. I have wanted the perfect burgundy ey shadow for ages and this is it. Again the pigmentation of this eyeshadow is insane, I didn’t buy her whole quad from this collection as I didn’t feel like I’d use the other shades as much. Just look as the colour of that!!!

My order in total came to $60.85 which is £42.23 which isn’t to bad as I got 10 individual items which works out at only £4.22 each, however on top of this I did have to pay $50.59 which is $35.12 shipping on top. So my order in total came to £77.35 meaning each product worked out at £7.73 each which if I hadn’t had to go through an external shipping company I would have had to pay the extra £35.12, I think if I was to order again I would maybe order with someone else so that I wouldn’t have to pay all the shipping myself.

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Abi x

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