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Clinique beyond perfecting // first impressions

In today’s post im going to be talking about the clinique beyond perfecting foundation + concealer. I was looking for a new foundation as my Estee Lauder double wear has nearly ran out and the foundations I’ve bought recently just haven’t been something that I’ve loved all that much compared to my Estee Lauder double wear, this foundation is my holy grail but could that have all changed now??

Keep reading to find out!!

To start off with I’ll tell you a bit about the foundation then go onto what I thought about it, the description of this foundation is “a foundation and concealer in one for a natural, beyond perfected look that lasts all day. Lightweight, moisturizing makeup covers thoroughly without closing pores. Colour stays true, even through sweat and humidity. For complete coverage dot on all over face and blend. Use the unique applicator to spot conceal”

I picked this foundation up in the shade 1 Linen and this is actually the second lightest shade which I was a little anxious about as I am usually the lightest shade in foundation but I just though I might aswell try it 1 shade too dark can’t hurt that bad as I can always just use my concealer to lighten but this shade is actually a perfect match for me and I am really glad I didn’t get the lighter shade.Usually with foundations because I need light shades I find that they tend to have pink undertones and I HATE foundations that do, I just feel like my face is bright pink almost like I set it with blusher but I was really happy that this foundation has a neutral undertone so didn’t turn my face pink!! Although I am on the pale side I actuall have neutral undertones so when pale foundations have pink undertones it does just look ridiculous, I tend to find tenant it’s usually the more inexpensive foundations from the drug store that do so I do tend to stay clear of them.

This foundation is for dry combination to combination oily skin which I think is crazy that a foundation can be for both these skin types as they are complete opposite. I personally have dry skin so I never suffer from looking oily from a foundation and this one was no exception, I can see how this foundation could be for both skin types as it didn’t dry my skin out and didn’t make me look oily.

So the first time I used this foundation I used my Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge sprayed with my smashbox primer water and oh my god not only did this blend out like a dream the application was so easy as this foundation comes with this insane applicator which is pretty similar to a concealer one but like 10X the size, it picks up so much product aswell so you only need to dip it in once or twice depending on the coverage you want. When I applied this I done afew swipes around my face (I know I know the description said dots but life’s to short to do everything by the book!)then blended it out and added more where I wanted it which was over my cheeks to cover my freckles. Although the foundation covered every blemish and you could actually hardly see my freckles I just like that tiny little extra bit coverage over them, it was so easy to build and blend out over the first layer and didn’t look cakey or feel cakey it actually felt like I didn’t have anything on for it being such a full coverage. Even my under eye circles didn’t need a second layer it concealed them so well like you would actually think I got enough sleep every night, I did put this foundation to the complete test as I didn’t use any colour corrector or regular concealer under my eye’s before applying and honesty it didn’t need it, I did however put some conclear under my eyes over this foundation but that was just to brighten as my LA girl pro concealer is a lighter shade than this. Another bonus about this foundation is that it went on my eyelids really nice as I sometimes find that when I apply foundation to my eyelids when I come to apply my eyeshadow I have a massive crease but this one set really nicely and I didn’t actually use an eyeshadow primer I just set the foundation and my eyeshadow blended beautifully on top.

I wore this to work and it lasted all day, as mentioned before I have pretty dry skin so I don’t like to use powder to set my whole face but I do use baby powder under my eyes (yes you read that right I use baby powder to set my under eyes!!) and the urban decay all nighter setting spray all over my face and this foundation lasted all day, I have since tried it without using my all nighter setting spray and it did fade a little but I think that was mainly from me resting my head on my hand as it was more on one cheek than the other.

Overall would I say this is better than my Estee Lauder double wear? Yes is going to have be the answer to that, I have only used this a few times since buying it and it’s defiantly knocked every other foundation out the way and gone straight to the top of my favourites. The coverage is actually better than the Estee Lauder one and it has such a flawless finish to it.

So if you like full coverage foundations like I do I can’t recommend this enough!!!

Hope you liked my review // first impressions on this foundation.

Thanks for reading

Abi x

9 thoughts on “Clinique beyond perfecting // first impressions

    1. It’s soooo amazing you should defiantly look into trying it its’s the first of their products I’ve used and I’m defiantly thinking of trying more, I will be sure to check them out!!


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