Pan that Palette FAIL

About a month ago I started the pan that palette challenge (check out my blog post on it Pan That Palette)

If you haven’t heard about this challenge it’s basically where you try to hit pan on the chosen make up. For my challenge I chose to use my Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. The reason I chose this palette is because I never reach for, I will always pick up one of my Naked palettes over this and I’m not really sure why I mean the pigmentation in this palette is just as good as the Urban Decay ones I just prefer the shades a little more.

I actually really regret doing this challenge now, I haven’t hit pan on any of them after using it nearly everyday, the only times I didn’t use this was if I was going out and wanted either a pop of colour or a more dramatic smokey eye. But everyday for work which is Mon to Fri I used this palette. I did actually try really hard to hit pan by dipping my brush in pretty much the same spot everyday, but I got nowhere near pan as you get sooo much product in this palette. I was hoping to post some more updates of this on insta but there wasn’t much change hence why I didn’t.

I mean I have gotten a few dents in a couple of shades as they were the ones I used the most and white chocolate has really gone down but overall i did fail at this. My most used shades from doing this challenge are

  • White Chocolate
  • Gilded Ganache
  • Marzipan
  • Semi-Sweet
  • Champagne Truffle

I am actually surprised more shades aren’t more used up as i love salted caramel and I have recently been using Triple Fudge as a brow shade. Whilst doing this challenge I wanted to see if I could use this palette for anything but eyeshadow and that’s how I started using Triple Fudge for my brows, before I would use the Brunette shade from the smashbox shape matters palette but that is pretty much all gone and I don’t think they sell them individually, which is pretty depressing as I really like it although Triple Fudge is a bit darker than this shade they are both very good shades for me (well in my opinion anyways). I also started using White Chocolate to set my under eye concealer which worked really well and brightened up  them dark circles which is always what you want!!!

However I have totally fallen out of love with palette, since using it everyday for my eyeshadow I have just gotten completely sick of it, I think was one of the main reasons I always changed the palette i used almost everyday as I just hate using the same eyeshadow everday, although it did save me so much time in the mornings i defiantly don’t think I will be trying this challenge again.

I am going to continue to this palette for my brows and to set my concealer but i am defiantly going to give it a break from using it as eyeshadow…. well at least for now.

Thanks for reading

Abi x

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