Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette

I recently ordered the Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette from look fantastic, I have only tried it out the once and it has already changed my life.

Real Techniques is one of my favourite brands and this didn’t disappoint, it’s such an affordable brush cleaning palette, it has three sections for small brushes, medium brushes and large brushes. Using this along with their deep cleansing gel is oh my god insane, I have only tried this on 2 of my brushes which were  my real techniques buffing brush and face expert and these are my hardest brushes to clean, whenever i have cleaned them in the past there has always still been some product left in them and now they are pretty much brand new after using the deep cleansing gel along with the cleansing palette.


When you buy the actual palette you get 2 free samples of the brush cleansing gel and its literally amazing there is no trace that these brushes have ever been used (I forgot to take before & after pics).

Here’s the description of the Deep Cleansing Gel ” our exclusive formula of deep cleansing gel is designed to extend the life of your brushes by removing makeup, oils and impurities for a new brush clean”

You literally only need the tiniest amount of the brush cleanser along with some water and they are good as new, I use cold water so it doesn’t affect the glue in the brush.

I haven’t tried it out on my sponges yet but I’m defiantly going to cause I find they are a nightmare to try to clean, I am also super excited to try it out on all my other brushes as they really need a clean I haven’t done them probably for ages I’ve just been spot cleaning most of my eyeshadow brushes when using them.

I cant recommend trying these out enough they are amazing!!! The palette its self is only £12.99 and the deep cleansing gel is only £6.99 and it will literally last you forever!!!

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Thanks for reading abi x

3 thoughts on “Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette

    1. It’s totally worth it and is actually so much cheaper than most others, I’ve cleaned all of my brushes with it now and its so lit having the section for all types of brushes so you know that no matter what brush it is it’s going to be clean!! Look fantastic actually have 20% off at the minute and I believe this is included so you can save yourself a bit there!!x


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