Lipstick inc swatches

Hey guys!!!

Todays posts is all about them lips and since KJ plumped up her pout everybody has gone lip crazy. she is my total lip crush and i am desperate to get my hands on the Kylie lip kit and it kills me cause i miss the release every time like EVERY!!

I don’t wear lipstick everyday but i do often wear it like i don’t feel im gunna die if dont but here are my lipsticks, im not going to show you all my lip products as i seem to have about billion glosses cause i always seem to get sets so just lipsticks… soz.


As you can see all my lipsticks are nude/pinky apart from 2 which are more bold . My two favourites are of course Mac velvet teddy and my Rimmel London 38, although i did only get the Rimmel London one the other week i totally fell in love with it which i knew as my red lipstick is from the same collection and i LOVE that!!!

Moving onto the lipstick….

Maybelline Divine Wine 975 – This is my darkest shade of lipstick and the most boldest one i have, for that reason it doesn’t get as much use out of it as i would like to but when i do wer it i love it, it goes great with a bold eve look or a soft eye look so whatever eye look im feeling i know i can wear this lipstick with. I prefer to wear it if im going for a meal at rather than something i would wear to work as im sure you cn guess why from the shade. This lipstick has a matte finish which i prefer but it doesn’t dry my lips out it feel smooth on my lips and doesn’t get cakey if i apply another layer, this shade actually suits me whether im pale or have tanned which is always a bonus.

 Rimmel London Kate Moss Lasting Finish 37 – This lipstick is my other bolder/brighter shade seems as the rest of them nudes i do like to switch it up and have the classic red lip now and again and this is my go. It reminds me of Mac Ruby Woo although i havent actually compared them…. all in good time. Anyways this is from the Kate Moss collection so you know its gunna be incredible it has a satin finish to it and it really is lasting, if i want it to be more matte i simply blot it and voila, this lipstick is also very smooth on the lips and doesn’t dry them out, it a pretty light/bright red with a slight pink undertone compared to some of the darker red yous can get, this type i actually prefer as i find it makes my lips pop more.

 Mac Snob – this is actually my second favourite everyday lipstick (im sure you can guess which is my favourite) but this is my favourite brighter pink i have this has a satin finish but can be made matte by blotting or applying a thin layer of powder over the top, as all Mac lipsticks the quality is amazing, the texture is so smooth and buttery and, this is slightly more matte than the Rimmel London one before blotting and as most matte is defiantly my favourite type of lip.

 Mac Velvet Teddy – Well what can i say about this lipstick…. it my FAVOURITE lipstick of all time so wearable for daytime, nighttime you name it this lipstick will go, it so natural and nude that anything you wear it will go with and any eye look you do it will go with, natural or a bold colourful eye look this lipstick will look the bomb. If you don’t know velvet teddy is probably loved my almost every beauty blogger, it super matte and just all round amazing, it doesn’t dry your lips out and literally stays on all day,  if could recommend any make up product as an essentials this defiantly one!! if you’ve been contemplating getting it GET IT!! trust my

 Mac Syrup – ahhhh another beloved Mac lipstick i just can’t get enough of them, the quality is outstanding through out!! This particular one is from the lustre range so is the complete opposite to velvet teddy as it is about as opposite of matte as you get for a lipstick. It’s a dark pinky colour with a slight purple undertone, it sought of reminds me of a matte lip gloss (if those exist????) i love the way it feels when i apply it to me lips is so smooth and just glides on, although it doesn’t last as long on the lips as my velvet teddy does but im presuming this is down to the fact it’s not matte. Other than that this is AMAZE another one i would recommend getting….. okay okay just copy my lipstick collection that s seems to be the way to go.

 Mac Viva Glam V – Yup you guessed it my fourth and final Mac lipstick…. well for now anyways. So this lipstick i was  actually pretty despo to get it for ages but every time i went to town mac was packed and no i never thought of ordering it off-line even though i pretty much do all my shopping online. But as you can see i did eventually get it. i actually really like to wear this day-to-day well the days i actually put lipstick on, but i do quite often have this in my bag with me. It’s also from the lustre range so is pretty similar to syrup, the shade is a pinky with slight brown undertone and some glitter chucked in there, but it the glitter doesn’t come out chunky it just add a slight shimmer to it but you can hardly tell as it’s quite a ‘glossy’ lippy anyways. This is nice for day-to-day as it just add a little something to lips as im not keen on lip gloss purely because my hair just gets stuck in it.

 Rimmel London Lasting Finish 38 – This is the latest to my collection and I fell in love with it from the minute i seen it in stock online to the minute i tried it on. Id actually been after this shade for soooooooo long but the boots next to my work is terrible and never seems to anything in and even worse when i try to order online sooo yeah i got it from asos instead. It’s a very pale nude pink the same as my other Rimmel one from this collection it has a satin finish but is easily made matte by blotting.

 Maxfactor Star Dust 615 – This lipstick is very similar to my Rimmel one they have the same finish although this one is a tiny bit more matte again by blotting you can get this to be completely matte and it lasts ages. This shade a slightly darker more nude shade than my Rimmel one, again a pinky one though. I actually got this one in a set from Maxfactor so I don’t even know if you can buy it separately but im guessing you.

Sorry the swatches photos are pretty bad I had to take them on my phone rather than camera.

Abi x

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