Everyday Make Up

So in my last blog post I was talking about the pan that palette challenge. Pan That Palette

This has actually helped my everyday make up routine although I only started this challenge on the 22nd March, now that I have one set palette that I ‘have’ to use I don’t spend 20 minutes deciding what palette do I want to use, which shades from the palette, what eye look am I going for I just have the one palette and 16 shades to choose from.


So going in the order that I use products here’s my everyday makeup routine….

I start off using a moisturiser if my skin is feeling particularly dry that day but I don’t use this everyday as I find that because I use the Nivea for dry skin my foundation feels like it slides across my face if I moisturise before makeup unless I have the time to sit and let it soak in. I do love to use my Smashbox photo finish primer water as I find this to be refreshing when applying with it being a spray, it also leaves my skin feeling super hydrated.

Then I use the benefit boi-ing conclear in shade 2 under my eyes yes I am that pale that shade 2 works as a colour corrector for me. After blending that out with my real techniques sponge I use the Rimmel London lasting finish concealer in shade 020 Ivory under my eyes and on any other flaws I have as this shade matches my skin tone and covers them perfectly, this concealer is also a really good dupe for the benefit boi-ing. If I have some redness or spot I use the maxfactor colour corrector in green which works amazingly at correcting!!! I would then also go over this with the same Rimmel London concealer just so my base is ready to apply my foundation.

My go to foundation is defiantly the Estee Lauder double wear I currently have this in shade 1N2 Ecru but this does match me better when I have tan on so I need to get it in a lighter shade for when I’m not tanned however this foundation does blend really nicely especially if I mix some lighter concealer or foundation in with it then it matches my skin tone better. This foundation is waaaaaaaay up there in my favourites, it applies so smoothly, the coverage is amazing and it doesn’t get cakey. It applies so well with buffing brushes, foundation brushes, stippling brushes and beauty blenders there is just nothing bad I can say about this foundation…. Obviously apart from the fact the shade I slightly off but that is my fault and it is corrected by adding lighter conclearer or foundation to it. I also have a dupe for this (this post may as well have been dupes!!!) it’s the no7 beautifully matte this foundation is very comparable, the coverage is pretty much the same but it does need slightly more and the foundation itself is a different texture to the Estee Lauder one as the no7 one is slightly thicker but for half the price it is worth it, I believe no7 brought a new version out of this foundation which is light/ medium coverage whereas the ordinal one is medium/full coverage which is what I personally prefer.

My current fave brow product is the brunette shade from the Smashbox shape matters palette however this shade is rapidly running out and I’m dying a little more inside as I haven’t found another product I like as much (please let me know any recommendations) I also use the Rimmel London brow gel to tame them brows (just kidding I have like no brow hair) but this brow gel does make them appear thicker and fuller. For my brow bone highlight I use my benefit high brow glow.

As I mentioned before I’m doing the pan that palette challenge so the eye shadow palette I am using every day is the too faced chocolate bar palette which I’m sure all of you have heard everybody talk about but this palette the bomb. Now that I’m using it every day I’m starting to love it more and more and it’s totally going up in my favourites. After finishing my eyeshadow I use my mac vanilla pigment for my inner corner highlight.

After I’ve done my eye shadow I apply my under eye concealer to clean up any fall out and to hide my lack of sleep. I don’t tend to stick to the same concealer everyday it kind depends on how well my foundation has covered my under eye circles, but the 3 main ones I switch between are the Rimmel London wake me up concealer in shade ivory, Mac pro long wear concealer in shade NC15 and La girl concealer in the shade porcelain. My favourite is defiantly the Mac one but I only use this if I need extra coverage or want to brighten my face up ever more as it has a much fuller coverage than all my others.

If I have time then I will do some quick contouring with my La girl conceals in the shade toast for contouring and the shad porcelain to sharpen it up. Then I just set my contour with either benefit hoola, the contour shade from Smashbox shape matters or my Maybelline master sculpt if I want a really bold contour. After setting my contour I then set the rest of my face I’m not really into this whole baking thing so I usually use pressed powder which I’m currently using the bare minerals and loving it!!! Once my face is set I of course get my highlight fleecy by using my Mac soft & gentle.

Finally I just put on some mascara which is usually my benefit they’re real or my soap & glory cause who don’t love soap & Glory???


Thanks for reading abi x

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