Pan That Palette

I’ve been seeing loads of people on Instagram  doing the ‘pan that palette’ challenge .(if you dont follow me on instagram which you should be!!! )

This challenge is where you only use one of your eyeshadow palette everyday and try to hit pan, this is something i would never normally do as i hate hate hate seeing pan on my palettes and any of my other make up items. I think this is because as it will be for most you, you hit pan first on the eyeshadow you like the most. For me when i’ve used up my favourtie eyeshadow from a palette i kinda want to buy it again just for that shade even if i know i wont get through all the other shades in the palette (strange i know).

I also dont think i could stick to only being able to use one palette everyday, even though i do my eye make up pretty much the same everyday for work i like to switch it up and use different palettes, this is probably because i know i have so many that i am able to choose. Although they are pretty much all neturals and look similar when they are on.

The more i see of people doing this challenge i want to try it out, as it could be pretty benefical and a time saver in the morning if i know i have to use a certain palette as i tend to waste alot of time at 7:00am when im half asleep trying to figure out what eyeshadow combo i want to go for that day.

So on my Instagram I posted a photo of my chocolate bar palette which is the one I’m going to be using for this challenge I will be posting regular updates of how I’m getting on with challenge but its defiantly going to be a while before I hit pan on any shade as they’re all pretty much untouched.

Here’s the starting photo of the palette


The reason I chose this palette is because I hardly use it so do want to get use our of it but it is neutral so will do for me using everyday for work as I can do darker and lighter eye look.

Wish me luck..

Thanks for reading Abi x

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