Smashbox Full Exposure


This was one of my first higher end eye shadow palettes i got (yes this exact one in the photos that i still have today!!) i got this about a year and a half ago and you can defiantly say that it has been well loved ever since that day. When i did buy this i could not do eye shadow to save my life (not that I’m pro now like) i think i had a few eye shadows from collection 2000 which were actually pretty good but i decided to go all out and buy this palette it just looked so amazing and id seen a few people talking about it, I’m also wanting to try the double exposure one…. all in good time.

I’d been reading a few reviews on it and because they are all neutrals i didn’t really think i could go wrong with it, and i was right i couldn’t. I still love this palette although i don’t use it as much as i do have a few others which are neutral but occasionally i will switch it up and go back to it although I have totally been loving it at the moment and been using it quite a lot recently.


The shadows themselves are a lovely formula and blend very well with great pigmentation and i find i have pretty much no fall out when applying these shades. You get 14 shadows in total in this palette the top seven being shimmer and the bottom seven being matte, which for me is the perfect amount for both. As there is both light and darker shades in both shimmer and matte you can create quite a few looks just using this palette along, from day time shimmery looks to a night time Smokey eye, which would make this palette pretty handy for traveling with, I also found that mixing M2 & M3 together make quite a nice pale bronzer which can built up to make it to the perfect colour also S3 & S4 make pretty good highlighters NO that’s right it doesn’t stop there i also use M6 as an brow shade (well i did until i got the Smashbox shape matters which has an actual brow shade in it). Being able to use these shades for brows, eyes, highlighter and bronzer comes in pretty handy if you were to be travelling with this palette as it would save you some space. Another great thing about these shadows is that they can be applied with a wet or dry brush and are incredible either way.

Obviously the two glittery light shades are my favourite (if you couldn’t tell by the massive dents in them) but all in all i do like all of these shades. The glitter shades are best used with a wet brush as it really helps getting the best use out of them. I usually spray a bit of my mac fix plus on the brush before using them but actually just dampening your brush with water then letting it soak a little in to the eye shadow also works really well with them which is what I did before I got my mac fi plus and it worked great.

The palette comes with a double ended brush which i actually use most days with other eye shadows as i love the fluffy blending brush on it the bristles are soft and not scratchy which is what you are looking for in a brush, it does an amazing job of blending your eye shadow then on the other side is a flat brush which is great for packing on glittery eye shadows, it actually has a white half a black half on this end which i think is meant so that you are able to it that bit for both darker and lighter shade, so basically a 3 in 1 brush.

The actually packaging of the product….. I do actually really like the packing i love the way the light catches the writing on the front as it has like a rainbow running through it when it does, i also love the feel of the palette it quite hard to describe what coating it has on but it’s really nice!!! The only downside is that it gets mucky so quickly (as you can tell by the state of mine). Also i prefer palettes with the names under the shade where as this one has them on the back and they are just called S1 S2 S3 and so on for the shimmer row and M1 M2 M3 and so on for the matte row. But apart from that i absolutely love this palette.

 Thanks for reading

Abi x

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