We be bout that highlight life 

I am obsessed with highlighters the glow, the shimmer, just everything about them. Especially because I use the Estée Lauder double wear foundation I don’t feel I get a very dewy look with it so throwing on some highlighter when I’m doing my make up especially at 7:00am before work actually makes me look alive and awake before my morning coffee.

I have a variety of different highlighter which is use on different days depending on how I’m feeling, powders are defiantly ones I prefer to use on top of foundation as I feel with stick highlighters or creams my foundation just wipes off with them, but when I’ve just moisturised and got a bit of concealer on I love using cream highlighters such as my Benefit High Beam as it just gives me such a glowy, fresh look which goes great with minimal make up for when I’m wanting a natural day but with make up on.

So here are my favourite highlighters…..

First of all is The Blam Mary Lou Maninzer, this highlighter is quite affordable and mine has lasted ages a little product really goes a long way with this highlighter, which I totally love about make up products that I know won’t run around after using them once or twice (and by once or twice I mean maybe a couple of hundred times) it gives such a subtle glow or you can build it for a fleeky highlight. I love to use this highlighter for when I go out for this reason as I can make it more bold for night time as more subtle for day time, with it having such a slight beautiful shimmer it is easy to use it for both day and night to it which I think is essential for highlighter that I am wanting to use to go to work in and to go out in not too mush for work but build able to go to out

Next up, Kiko Dazzling Highlighter in shade 03, this highlighter comes out pretty much the shame shade of The Balm Mary Lou Manizer, but a completely different texture as this one is in a stick so has more of creamy texture than the powder. As I mentioned before I don’t really like using this type of highlighter on top of foundation as I find it sometimes wipes my foundation off with it as I apply it, however I really like using this highlighter underneath my foundation as I like how it comes out so subtle as if the glow is from my skin rather than on top of my foundation. This is another highlighter I love to use on a ‘no makeup’ day as it does give your skin such a beautiful glow without chunks of glitter in it, giving you more of a natural look.

Then we have Urban Decay’s Naked Illumindated in shade Aura, this is one of my favourite night time highlighters as its quite glittery but still very wearable. This particular shade has a rose gold undertone which if you ask me anything that is rose gold is going to incredible. Kiko also do these highlighters in 2 other shades one which has more of gold undertone and another which is more of bronzed highlighter. I am defiantly wanting to try out these other shades so if you have any thoughts on them please let me know I’d love to know what you guys think of them!!!

Moving on is Makeup Revolution’s Vivid Baked Bronzer (yes i am aware i said bronzer and not highlighter…. Shoot me!!!) Although this post is about highlighters and this product is actually a bronzer i would never use it as a bronzer, simply because i prefer matte bronzers and this one is quite shimmery. Saying that it does make a BEAUTIFUL highlighter, i am pretty pale and i still like how it gives a warm highlight but i do have to be very light handed when applying this highlighter otherwise it just looks like I have weird bronze streak at the top of my cheek bone….. not much a good look for me.

Now we’re talking!!! Mac’s Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle and Lightscapade. These highlighters are wonderful defiantly two of my favourites, I got Lightscapade first as i’d seen loads of blogger/youtubers raving about them and i just had to jump on the bandwagon and get one. Once i has Lightscapade i just had to get Soft & Gentle to compare them and honestly i couldn’t tell you which one i love more, with them being from the same line in Mac they have the same formula and are just so lovely the only difference is the shade (Obviously…. not sure why i had to mention that). If you’ve been depating getting them i would reccomened you do. Trust me it will be one of the best descions you make.

Benefit’s High Beam I briefly touched on this at the start of this blog (if you can remember that far back as i know this seems to be never ending…. not to long to go now). As i said i don’t really like using this on top of my foundation as i do find my foundation just kinda wipes off when I’m trying to blend it in, so if you have any tips on how you do it please do let me know!! Don’t get wrong i do still love this and usually use it under foundation or on ‘no make up’ days.

To finish off with have Seventeens Instant Glow Pink Bronze Shimmer Stick. This has four different shade within it, light pink, slightly darker pink, shimmery bronze and a slightly darker bronze shade, when swirled altogether give a lovely warm glow or you can just use the top two pink ones if you want a more pinky highlight making it very versatile. This is a pretty good highlighter especially because it coast me under £5!!!!! Seventeen is such an inexpensive brand with such amazing quality products.

Here are some swatches as requested.

From left to right Urban Decays Naked Illuminated, The Balm Mary Lou Manizer, Kiko Dazzling Highlighter, Make Revolution Baked Bronzer, Mac Soft & Gentle, Mac Lightscaped and Seveteens Shimmer Brick. Sorry i haven’t got one of benefits high beam i cant find it 😦


Thanks for reading especially if you made it all the way through!!

Abi x

11 thoughts on “We be bout that highlight life 

  1. I’m massively obsessed with Highlighters but not tried that many yet. Only ones I’ve tried are cheap pound shop version and a highlighter & blush pallet set from Sunkissed which I loved. Most of yours in the pics look so pretty. Great blog post. X

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